Rapp Strategies Rundown – November 2018

What we’re reading, listening to and thinking about this month.

Todd R.: Cruising up and down the dial on Saturday night, I’ve found re-runs of Hill Street Blues on Xfinity, which is greatly appreciated. I’ve also been listening to Jeff Diamond on his Viking insider podcast with Jim Souhan, but only after listening to Cheryl Reeve’s show. I’m also trying to pick out a movie for my family to watch together on Christmas Eve – this will be Year 12 of this tradition.

Todd S.: I am going to see the movie The Front Runner, which focuses on Gary Hart’s time as a leading presidential candidate and his fall from grace over rumors of infidelity. In terms of media and politics, Gary Hart's story was as a turning point – the moment when journalists began more closely examining the private lives of political candidates. I am curious to see how the film addresses the ethical questions.

Sarah: I'm currently reading The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah, which is making me very grateful we don't have 18 hours of darkness during Minnesota winters. Since we're post-Thanksgiving, you know my Christmas playlist is on repeat! A favorite Christmas album is Glow by Brett Eldredge.

Aaron: I was able to see an early showing of the Guthrie Theatre’s annual A Christmas Carol which was a great way to jumpstart the holiday season. Following watching CREED II in theatres (the sequel to the 2015 boxing drama CREED) I’m looking forward to re-reading Undisputed Truth the biography of one-time heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Anna: One of my favorite authors (and my former boss), Julie Klassen, has the last book in her Ivy Hill series releasing this week – The Bride of Ivy Green. I’ve already gotten a sneak peek, but I can’t wait to read the finished product. Now that the holiday season is in full swing, I’m also listening to Michael Bublé’s classic Christmas album.

Andrea: I’ve been binge listening to NPR’s TED Radio Hour. There are so many interesting topics, opinions and people, including the co-creator Guy Raz. You go into an episode expecting one thing and come out with so much more. One of my favorites is “Decisions Decisions Decisions.” It talks about how we make decisions, why we’re paralyzed by too many options and what we can do to overcome our indecisiveness. If you’re an indecisive person like me, make the decision to check this episode out.



RSI Staff