Shaping Understanding

Many of our clients come to us because they seek to advance important ideas – in areas such as public health, education, or business growth, we are asked to draw attention to ways to improve the quality of life in the Upper Midwest.  Part of this can be seeking ways to enhance the client’s reputation as a thought leader on an issue.

Other times, our clients ask us to help them prevent a bad idea from advancing, or manage a potential risk to the reputation they have spent decades building. 

In each of these instances, Rapp Strategies’ goal is to shape understanding of key audiences – helping others understand your organization’s vision, goals and challenges.  Shaping understanding – whether the focus is a specific issue or your overall reputation – is an essential component of business success. 

Every organization has a mission or purpose. 

  • What are the core values behind that mission? 
  • What drives people to work for you as employees or volunteers? 
  • What are your biggest challenges?  
  • What is the simple story you want to leave with your audiences? 

The answers provide a clearer understanding of who you are and where you’re going.

At Rapp Strategies, Inc., we help organizations pursue their full potential, overcome obstacles and achieve business goals. 

We are strategists. We are relentless thinkers. We solve problems. We advance great ideas.

Your organization is unique, and we make sure that our planning is tailored to your unique needs. We help our clients communicate their value in an authentic way. That’s how we make your outreach and engagement plans more effective. 

How do we shape understanding for your organization? Here is where we start:

  • We work to understand your goals.
  • We identify your opportunities to achieve those goals and the risks you will encounter.
  • We develop a strategy, not an off-the-shelf retread but a strategy tailored specifically to your needs.
  • We create an action plan, one that can be implemented by the client or in partnership with the Rapp Strategies team.
  • We develop outcomes and benchmarks that we can work towards, because every great trip needs a destination.

Shaping understanding is a fundamental objective of our work. We cultivate relationships inside your organization and help you connect with those from the outside. We work alongside our clients to maximize their expertise and insights.  And with that understanding, we find a path to success.

Most of all – we stay focused on the target.  If you are successful managing issues ... if you are building and sustaining the reputation you seek … then we’ve done our job.